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The English countryside is buzzing

A few weeks ago, we decided to head to Devon for our well deserved break from London.

It is true that a few Londoners like to go to the Southwest to enjoy peace and quiet around seafronts, long beaches and green Dartmoor.

This year, there was so much to do and see.

Last year we attended TLB Revival first edition and couldn’t wait for this year’s event.

We knew that it would be something special because more classic cars and bikes would fill Barnfield Crescent.

We were also anticipating the visit of Velo Vintage for their tea break. It was like a trip back in time. So close from the city centre, so far from the urban hustle & bustle.

Velo Vintage Exeter tea break

TLB Revival 2015 had more participants and the brilliant lawn received food and drink stalls as well as quality music from The Siren Sisters. What caught our eyes was the camera obscura from Sam White.

The fantastic meeting point couldn’t have been better. Beautiful blue sky, great architecture and the atmosphere was second to none. It is this kind of feeling when you meet someone once a year and can share things from previous meetups: a real sense of community despite the distance.

TLB Revival 2015 Exeter - jaguar

TLB Revival 2015 Exeter - motorbikes

TLB Revival 2015 Exeter - dashboard Chevrolet pickup truck

We mustn’t forget to mention the place where we stayed. This may surprise you but we opted for something slightly off the beaten tracks: Hazelwood Holiday Park.

On the outskirts of Exeter is Dawlish Warren – accessible by train, car, bus and bicycle too, thanks to the brilliant infrastructure that is Exe Trail, the newly developed cycle path.

Cyclists on the Exe Estuary Trail

The weather being rather summery we decided to commute on two wheels passing by the legendary Turf Locks Pub – a true destination pub. Walking, cycling and boating being the only ways to reach this unique green space surrounded by water! Fear not, if you don’t own a boat, there is a  local business Saddles & Paddles where it is possible to hire canoes and bikes. This shop welcomes dogs such as our holiday park – so we could take the pooch on the canoe and enjoy our daily discoveries and explorations.

Being in Devon just as Rugby World Cup 2015 kicked-off, we visited Exeter’s Fanzone and managed to get some tickets (thanks to Toby and Clarissa), to see the a live game at Sandy Park for Tonga Vs Namibia. Here again very friendly and Devonians know how to make you feel welcome instantly.

The short train journey from Exeter Central to the game venue only took a few minutes and there was a real party atmosphere between supporters and families whatever teams they were encouraging.

There are plenty of outdoors occupations in the English countryside, it is not just plain and boring. It is sometimes therapeutic to go away from your daily routine and enjoy what open spaces have to offer. Some prefer to actually go to a city in order to spend and purchase something special.

You just need to step back and realize that shopping can always be completed another day – nature doesn’t wait!


From Exeter Revival to Goodwood Revival

Just a month ago we visited sunny Devon as there was something vintage involving stylish classic cars: TLB Revival 1st Edition this was.

Not an easy task to organize such type of event because when there is a first edition – whatever the topic – it can be hit or miss/ make or break.

Turner Locker Barnfield being a commercial property letting agents and consultants in Exeter the challenge was even more exciting. Having setup a dedicated Facebook page explaining in details what it is about to classic/vintage vehicle owners and other passionate, no one exactly knew how many roaring engines would turn up.

There was music, food, beverages (hot and cold) as well as a stall with vintage clothes, just in case people attending were after that accessory to give a final touch to their look. The response was rather pleasing as passers-by dropped in to contemplate the beautiful machines (cars and motorbikes).

It really gave Exeter a sense of Goodwood for a day.

Mark Turner (“obsessive petrol head” as stated on his social media profile bio @marktlb) didn’t stop his trip back in time with his own event. He took the road and went to the real thing: Goodwood Revival.

TLB Revival at Goodwood Revival

TLB Revival at Goodwood Revival

What was also interesting: not only people in their 40s or 50s where there but also younger generations. What does this say to us?

TLB Revival at Goodwood revival - generations

TLB Revival at Goodwood revival – generations

Despite of all the technology around us – not mentioning the iPhone6 – most open air vintage gathering will attract a wide range of participants and visitors. There is an ongoing passion even in the 21st century for stylish vehicles. It is not just about the car manufacturers but it is also a family fun day out where it is possible to re-discover the beauty of some bodywork and solid chrome features on wheels as well as handmade burr walnut dashboards & comfortable leather seats.

There is a real sense of community when being part of these annual meetings. It can be compared with Royal Ascot or The Boat Race. In general, a certain type of people are going there. Same goes with football, cricket or rugby. In other words, you won’t see a football supporter at a rugby match and vice versa.

There is something subtle and unique for each manifestation.

The feeling of being part of such group is almost comforting with a certain cachet too.

It is not about being pompous or arrogant about it, but just happy when such celebration is on the map.

Life can be stressful: either about work or family matters. There must be room for leisure too, which gives a certain escapism to our daily obligations.

Whatever your job position, financial situation or background, taking time away from work – even for a few hours – will give you a certain boost to recharge these batteries.

When meeting up with other people it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – what counts is about the passion and the reason of showing up. Sharing the same interest for something almost exclusive will bring different cultures together and this is what it is all about.

In the meantime, we are already excited about TLB Revival 2nd Edition in 2015 – according to what we heard it will be better and bigger.

To be kept informed and know “what’s on” follow the updates via social media channel (

Dress and style at Goodwood Revival

Dress and style at Goodwood Revival


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Turner Locker Barnfield Revival – review

Last weekend (6th and 7th September 2014) we took the way to the Southwest of England – Devonshire to be more precise, as we wanted to check this region situated at just 2 hours 15 minutes from the Capital (train from Paddington).

We decided to reside in Exeter in the heart of the county.

The city is not that big but there is a real buzz. A lot of independent shops just off High Street and down Fore Street.

We were looking forward to an event we slightly covered back in April 2014. It is the first of its kind in the business district located in Southernhay.

Turner Locker Barnfield commercial property consultants were behind this vintage vehicles gathering. No one knew what to expect. Slight anxiety first around 10am when only a handful of cars arrived in this unique setting that is Barnfield Crescent. A beautiful place for such event.

…Barnfield Crescent is a Georgian crescent garden. Barnfield Crescent was, like Southernhay West and Dix’s Field, a development by Matthew Nosworthy. It was planned in 1792 but in 1805 only five houses, Nos 2-6, were built. No 1 was added in a similar style in c.1840 by Dr Thomas Shapter, but it is of three storeys, not four like the rest of the crescent… Source

Turner Locker Barnfield  Revival - Barnfield Crescent Exeter - photo by WhiteAndCream

Turner Locker Barnfield Revival – Barnfield Crescent Exeter – photo by WhiteAndCream

Within half and hour the crescent was almost full of incredible cars and motorbikes too. There was more to it than just roaring engines.

Well thought entertainment, food and drink was there too including:

  • BikeCaffe Exeter for a delightful and quirky coffee
  • Good Game for burgers and sausages
  • Hidden Treasure tea room for….tea and cakes
  • Frobishers Juices providing refreshing drinks
  • The Cocktail Caravan for freshly prepared beverages.

For the music it was all about The Night Owls Band and The Siren Sisters bringing that real feel of being out of this world usually full of electronic gadgets. For a day all technology was left aside in order to completely absorb the beauty of this “So British” meeting of petrol heads loving wonderful engines and shapes.

TLB Revival Exeter 2014 - photo by WhiteAndCream

TLB Revival Exeter 2014 – photo by WhiteAndCream

There was even a stall of Vintage clothes by The Real McCoy…just in case you forgot your flat cap or tweed.

Turner Locker Barnfield Revival Exeter - photo by WhiteAndCream

Turner Locker Barnfield Revival Exeter – photo by WhiteAndCream

Turner Locker Barnfield Revival 2014 - photo by WhiteAndCream

Turner Locker Barnfield Revival 2014 – photo by WhiteAndCream

This was just the first TLB Revival put together on a small scale. However, the response was pleasing and the success was undeniable. Turner Locker added a small update on their News section of their site.

This shows that working in the investment property market  also allows to have a passion outside the office space and weekends can be spend at better things than watching television or scrolling down the touchscreen of your smartphone.

Of course, this was not to compete with Goodwood Revival but to simply reproduce a winning recipe as long as there are enough participants to create that vintage buzz and to bring a community together for a few hours.

To be continued…

TLB Revival event Exeter - photo by Andrew Butler

TLB Revival event Exeter – photo by Andrew Butler