London: Tube strike and The Ashes 2015

Living in London is great when all means of transport are running.

So now, 8th July 2015 a Tube strike is on the map and it is going to disrupt workers, tourists, cricket fans going to The Ashes in Cardiff.

You may ask what is the link between The Ashes and London Underground!?

There is not just one strike action. It is indeed, a double movement including FGW trains and London Tube.

It is all starting at 6.30pm this evening.

Trains will be on standstill for 48 hours and London Underground for 24 hours.

The most affected are the passengers travelling between Wales, the West Country and London, of course.

There is one alternative route to reach the destination: National Express who will have extra buses and seats to help everyone going from A to B.

When it is all happening at once it can be rather frustrating but the only way to go through it is with the smile. Stressing and being angry about it won’t help. It is about stepping back and just accepting what RMT Union is protesting about doing.

In the News, the main advice is to postpone your day of travel. How can this be rational when your FGW train or Tube might just be a connection for another journey?

We mustn’t forget that it is also peak time for the Summer holidays. People have worked and saved for months and when it is departure time, there is even more tension. As if this was needed. Maybe not the right time to go to a family holiday park in sunny Devon. Or just decide to go away on a later date outside strike actions, as long as we know the potential dates well ahead!

Those workers who are not happy about their working conditions know exactly what they are doing! It is about having the maximum impact and being heard by as many people as possible. However, is this the best they can do? Will they obtain what they are after?

What is sure is that Boris Johnson has made clear that he is rejecting the attitude of Tube drivers (read The Independent full article HERE).

It is as well the moment where tennis fans want to make their way to Wimbledon!

What to think of all this?

Maybe make everything easier for yourselves. Either work from home (if you can or if your employer gives you this possibility) or decide to walk through London (weather forecast is looking pretty good). An opportunity to spread the word through twitter #WalkLondon.

Click on map for larger version

London Tube map - walk London - by AryJoe creatives

London Tube map – walk London – by AryJoe creatives


London Heathrow (LHR) – T2 opening

London Heathrow (LHR) Terminal 2 is opening today. Will it be smoother than the Terminal 5 chaos in March 2008?

London Heathrow Terminal 2

London Heathrow Terminal 2

When such architectural/financial project are setup it is always difficult to know how the big day will happen.

Everyone involved is always hoping to have a great with happy passengers going through the doors.

…The airport will open in stages to avoid the chaos in 2008 when Terminal 5 opened and staff struggled to cope with the computer and baggage systems…. Source

Travel is becoming a normal activity as so many businesses are working on a global scale. Flying is (should be) as easy as catching a bus or a train to go from A to B without hassle. However, this is not always the case because the infrastructure and logistic can be complicated.

So it can be a stressful day for the ones behind the entire scheme. This time it will be a slow start to make sure all goes well. Ten percent will operate on the first day and the implementation of other airlines will take place within a few months. An average of 5 million passengers are expected to go through it every year.

…The £2.5bn Terminal 2, known as the Queen’s Terminal, replaces the very first passenger building which was opened by the Queen in 1955…

T2 Queen's Terminal

T2 Queen’s Terminal

After all whatever the creation, there are always teething issues: some being more/less important than others. Wherever there is technology, delays can happen as some tweaking might be necessary.

This is applicable in:

It is not always that straight forward. How many times do we hear that car manufacturers are calling back thousand of cars because there is a faulty part or malfunction linked to a weak integrated circuit or microchip.

The coincidence as well is this open article in The Guardian asking readers to give their opinion and feedback about modern life, stress and noise pollution – full article HERE.

When such transit space opens its doors, it is a real tour de force to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience, otherwise it will make the headlines the following day – without forgetting the power of social media which can give instantly a bad reputation to a company and could as well affect its future.

If you are interested in reading more about LHR Terminal 2, Bloomberg has published a complete preview (All details HERE).

London Heathrow Airport Infographic

London Heathrow Airport Infographic


Popular destinations with London Oyster Card

A map produced by Dr Ed Manley – showing the most popular destinations within London using the mighty Oyster Card.

…The map itself is made using Gephi – an open-source network analysis package with some excellent visualisation capabilities – and is supported with a bit of good old data crunching to get at these popular destination figures…Source

London Oyster Card movementsClick on image for larger version