Minimal and abstract film posters

Creative studio Atipo, decided to put ideas together and design minimal film posters.

…all represented using clever metaphors and tricks… Source

Dracula minimal poster

Edward ScissorhandsRear Window minimal posterFahrenheit 451 minimal poster

These works were commissioned for a promotional campaign for print expert Minke.


Creative industry

Nowadays, everyone wants to be involved in something creative.

However, it is getting more difficult to be seen within that crowd of:

  • managing directors
  • account managers
  • freelancers
  • planners
  • designers.

CreativeReview has published a little article related to this business/industry of digital media.

Obstruction of Creative Directors

Delusion of Creatives

Panic of Account Managers


Creative papers by Arjowiggins

What is Arjowiggins – is the first thing you may ask?!

…World’s leading manufacturer of creative and technical paper, Arjowiggins has operations in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia…

The CreativeReview has published a nice little piece about a limited edition package containing two hardback books with debossed covers: one provides a look at the company – and the other contains samples of 61 papers from the new range.

This result is the fruit of a collaboration between Paris-based designer Julian Douek and marketing agency Bloomeo.


Box set by Arjowiggins