Merry Christmas 2013

Always enjoyable and fun to discover London Christmas lights and shop windows at this time of the year.

Harrods Christmas


Floors, Windows and Lights

Industrial modern chic is moving out from the factories into our homes. It works well with modern and traditional architecture.

Remember the times of thick and comfortable carpets, frames all over the walls, soft sofas. All this has changed. A few years back stainless steel kitchen units appeared with semi-industrial cookers.

Then the carpet came off to leave the stripped floorboards visible, to give this cachet of unfinished cosy feeling.

Trend is nowadays also reflecting on your interior design.

Not always easy to spend cash to constantly renew the look of your “home sweet home“. Actually, no real need to go over the top and splash a lot of money to refresh that living space.

Some people like to take risks, and being controversial can be a different approach: what about yellow floors?

yellow floors lounge

This modern and cheerful option can work if the furniture is matching as well. A few years ago, some property owners chose black or brown for their entire floorings.

But now, it is all very minimalistic and almost art gallery like; nearly empty with great little details which transform the room – forget the clutter of the 80s and 90s. The 21st century is about “less is more“.

Lampshades are way smaller than before. The patterns have gone too. It is back to basics.

Minimal living space interior design

You can see such changes all over the place: shops and restaurants go for regular transformations to keep this trendy VIP expectation from clients. Some stores like the aluminium warehouse style ceiling lamps when others opt for garden trading Paris lights, slightly smaller but rather distinguished.

Aluminium industrial warehouse lamp

Both styles can be seen if you look up whether in Shoreditch or Mayfair. New shops such as Urban Outfitters ( adore the rough fake unfinished walls and factory bare look.

Urban Outfitters interior design

All this may change in the years to come. But, for the time being think that by visiting a recycle centre (not very glamorous…but) you could certainly find what you have been after for months.

Even with the economic downturn (or recession if you like to call it so) it is possible to revamp an old fashioned house to something unique without breaking the initial budget and maybe with some change leftover as well.

However, if you aren’t financially limited, direction 85 Redchurch St – London E2 7DJ where Labour And Wait will supply quaint objects – giving that final touch to your interior.

Labour And Wait East London