Royal cake: difficult to qualify this effort

Earlier this month (November 2015), a baker made a life size cake of Prince George.

The effort – according to the photographs – is immense.

Lara Mason (amateur baker) was more than happy to win a gold award for her royal patisserie.

The creation was 91 cm tall. Rather a big and challenging project, which has to be perfect when entering such competition.

It is obvious that making such baking effort must require full concentration and winning would be…the cherry on the cake.

What do you think of the result?

Prince George - Full Size Cake - Lara Mason

Prince George Full Size Cake by Lara Mason


Prince George and lookalike cake

Prince George and lookalike cake

What is intriguing is to see what is actually under the finished product.

Prince George cake - stages

Prince George cake – stages

This really shows the “artisan” work and certainly a few hours spent making the sponge sculpture.

To see more visit BBC News website HERE.

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Style: @HiutDenim and you

Who doesn’t wear jeans? Whether you are poor or rich, working in an office or factory: everyone has at least a pair of jeans. There are different types of quality and design, but have you heard of Hiut Denim?

It is certain that it requires a kind of budget. But, quality and handmade has a price to pay.

It is like going for a Sunday roast to the local pub or splashing a bit of cash for something better with table service and silver forks and knives at a highly known Michelin Star restaurant. You get food in both places but the fish or meat will be sourced differently and there won’t be any microwave or frozen vegetables involved.

Hiut Denim is to the jeans industry what Pierre Gagnaire is to haute cuisine.

Sometimes businesses want to be too greedy by trying to diverse their activities. However, Hiut Denim has understood from the start that it is better to concentrate on one and only one thing: handmade jeans with great materials.

Hiut Denim Jeans - expert in handmade jeans

Hiut Denim Jeans – expert in handmade jeans

It is also about supporting an independent company – forget the over priced trousers with an American label. These ones are made in the UK and more precisely in Wales.  Family factories are rare these days, simply because corporations like to rule the way things are made according to their conditions. Thankfully, a handful of entrepreneurs are still successful but this is only possible because YOU are making the right choice to get that unique crafted product assembled within the country.

Whatever the item you wish to purchase, it is important (for some – including myself) to check where it has been made and eventually how – simply by doing some online searches.

This is applicable for everything. For instance, a lot of people like to Innocent drinks. A few years back, there were fridge magnets with those drinks and 72 million of them were manufactured in the UK.

Fridge magnets by Badger Design for Innocent Drinks

Fridge magnets by Badger Design for Innocent Drinks

In order to know better what is behind Hiut Denim – check the lecture below (video duration: 22 minutes).

There is also a short documentary  – courtesy of CreativeReview.

All this should/might help you to spend your Pounds a better way, to get what is made with passion by experts.