Will 2016 be a year to save or invest?

For quite a while people have been holding back on their investments. Whether for a car, house, flat or just daily purchases.

A friend of mine has seen people reducing their day-to-day spending and for instance having a coffee with no pastry because budget was tight.

January and February 2016 are no exception.

Are people actually saving for 11 months in order to be able to buy want they want for the festive season (presents, drinks, food, holidays…etc). But, is Christmas not a bit too excessive making the following months a real struggle?!

Modern lifestyle is almost perceived as wanting to own everything. Is this to be seen as cool or wealthy?

A few years back (early 2000) not that many people had a mobile: it was rare. Nowadays, it is consider as strange, if you don’t have an email, computer and smartphone. You have to be “connected” with the latest technology and ideally got one of these wearables. How did we do previously?

Is social media draining our spare time or is it actually bringing something positive to our already busy schedules?

Families are rushing to work and school then it is a kind of a race to reach their beach holiday destination. And it is the same when it is time to go back to the daily routine. An endless and stressful pace for parents and children.

So, how can individuals find enough time to make an appointment for home/flat viewing when there isn’t already enough hours in the day to complete basic tasks?!

Investing in a property is also something which takes time. There are various stages and a couple of acquaintances managed to get their properties after 6 to 8 months following several appointments with solicitors and banks.

A neighbour who works part time hours has decided with his wife (and new born) to buy a house and a second hand car at the same time! In this particular case, investing to get on the property ladder seems to be as natural as buying a pint of milk. His wife is a trainee doctor… this is probably the reason why this young couple has been able to move forward after renting and sharing various accommodations.

The mortgage will be in the long term cheaper than the monthly rent. The most important is to be able to put the hefty deposit on the table and the rest is history!

Are we going to see more people buying a roof over their heads in 2016 or will it be a slow walk to the top of the mountain – as it has been for the past years?

your money in 2016

Culture, Design

London by night from the air (@LaforetAIR)

Sometimes you can discover the vision of your capital city from a different angle/point of view.

This is what Vincent Laforet has done!

Laforet is a filmmaker, photographer, producer, teacher, advisor, innovator – Source.

This particular work is titled “The AIR project“.

Two hours in the air at 6,000 feet to capture beautiful images of London. Great work!

Vincent Laforet - London Bridge

Vincent Laforet – London Bridge

Vincent Laforet - Big Ben

Vincent Laforet – Big Ben

Vincent Laforet - Piccadilly Circus

Vincent Laforet – Piccadilly Circus

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Guy Bourdin retrospective @somersethouse #London

Since November 2014 and until March 2015, there is an exhibition at Somerset House in London about the enigmatic French photographer Guy Bourdin.

Who is/was Guy Bourdin?

Guy Bourdin Self-Portrait

Guy Bourdin Self-Portrait

French photographer initially working for: fashion magazine Vogue then Charles Jourdan notorious women shoe maker.

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan Campaign

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan Campaign


…This major show charts Bourdin’s distinguished 40-year career from Man Ray’s protégé to photography revolutionary in his own right and explore his pursuit of perfection…

Most people like such type of photography. It can be perceived and received as controversial too. Up to you to decide.

Guy Bourdin photography

Guy Bourdin photography

Something to see if you are into photography, art and fashion.