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Royal baby: fashion outfits and collection

Prince George was born on 22nd July 2013. Almost 24 months after this event, a second birth is looming.

The Press in general is waiting for the “new royal baby” with already a list of unanswered questions: is it a boy or a girl – what will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child be called?

There is also the expectation whether Kate and William will face the photographers with Prince George and his new born brother and sister in their arms – to repeat their first presentation in 2013.

The Duchess has been observed and scrutinised during her pregnancy and public appearances. Tabloids are always after a new photo and eventual gossips. There is as well the ongoing query of “what was Kate wearing” or more precisely “who is she wearing“?

The Royal fashion is something which seems to attract the attention of fans but also haute couture designers! When a personality with a high profile is expecting a baby there are certainly always a couple of couturiers which are thinking of something special and different for the future mothers. If it looks good on these women, others will want to have it as they will feel associated with a person that million have seen wearing that particular cut and look.

A few years back, Hunter boots and Barbour jackets started to appear in the urban landscape – urban & casual chic maybe – this only happened because Kate and William had this look. Some young couples are seeing them as real influencers of what to wear – fashionable and comfortable too.

Catherine Middleton and Prince William with Hunter Boots

Catherine Middleton and Prince William with Hunter Boots

When Prince George was just one year old, lenses started to look at him but also his style given by his parents. When you think that Dior has a site dedicated to baby fashion – visit HERE.

Of course, not everyone has the budget for an expensive label,  but there are plenty more to choose from with affordable price tags. Especially when you know that your offspring will need new garments so fast.

John Lewis is a versatile retailer which attracts a wide range of customers and offers traditional but nonetheless contemporary designs. The interlock complete with a hat for boys and/or girls won’t go out of fashion and can be passed to the next one.

According to the “Royal News” the baby is due soon (April 2015) no exact date.

Interlock complete with hat for boys or girls - from Emile et Rose

Interlock complete with hat for boys or girls – from Emile et Rose

There are speculations that this event – which would take most magazines front covers – could “interfere” with the imminent Election Day!

There is as well the craze for the eventual names – see pictures below.

Royal Baby Girl Names

Royal Baby Girl Names

Royal Baby Boy Names

Royal Baby Boy Names

In the end, it might be something totally different and maybe not deeply rooted in the tradition?!

The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge is a young couple who might want something more modern than the usual James or Victoria… unless they have some rules to respect – such as the way their coat of arms is formed.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton Coat of Arms

Prince William and Catherine Middleton Coat of Arms

In a few months time (July) it will be the second birthday of Prince George. Journalists will, without a doubt, keep a close eye on this too. Will this celebration be hosted by Party Pieces – Kate’s mother being the founder/owner of this company which supply everything you need for family parties.

…Over the years we have successfully built a vast number of best selling party ranges from the latest children’s themes and 1st birthday ranges to parties for all ages and occasions… Source

For the time being there is not a lot we can actually reveal: from the outfit(s) to the name(s) – what if they were twins?! This could surprise everyone and change the way a family is running…unless you have a professional nanny around.


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