#London: after a decent #house price

Wherever you go people are working as hard as they can in order to save enough money to buy a house.

London is maybe one of the hardest place in England where to find a real “bargain” with an average house at a decent price.

Most Londoners need to travel a couple of hours each morning and evening. This means that a budget needs to be allocated for the daily commute. Then there is the essential lunch break: going outside the office at another very busy time to battle the food shelves and get a kind of meal deal – ideally sandwich, drink, dessert (which can be a chocolate bar or a cereal energizing bite). Life in the capital can be hectic and stressful.

Apparently when comes January and estates are still on the market from pre-Winter/Christmas, property consultants usually advice to adjust the asking price.

Days it takes to sell your home - 2013 to 2014

Days it takes to sell your home – 2013 to 2014

According to this chart June and July are the best months to put your house on the market. Is it because people have thought about it and decided to get a new life whether they are a buyer or a seller?!

A sales strategy by the estate agent is something to consider especially after the festive season. Most individuals have spent more than they should and consequently, thinking forward and not being too greedy could change the premises’ transaction.

…You need to look at how long the property has been for sale, how many viewings it has had, and find out from your agents what people say and don’t say about it… Source

In other words, being too expensive could attract a lot of online hits because it is a prestigious building in an exclusive location. However, if there are no appointments and viewings this without a shadow of a doubt screams a price tag too high.

Nowadays, people are able to check everything online once they have a postcode. Google Maps and Street View can show an aerial image of the building(s) and whether there is a motorway or industrial estate around – which could trigger a lot of interests as well. It is in fact hard to hide things to a potential buyer/investor. All boxes need to be ticked to be successful.

Location is very important if a couple is working in two different directions. Let’s say one is catching a train at the nearby station but the other person has to drive the opposite way. Families also want to know where the nearest school/university is, so they can plan how to organize their morning/evening routines to gain as much time as possible.

Buyers/sellers are not alone… it is a jungle.

It is not just about buying/selling at the right time but also having that accommodation at the right place.

Of course being in London can be a great asset, but the amount to pay will be proportional. What about going for the near suburb which will give you both of both worlds? A slightly more affordable accommodation with some travelling time – like everyone else – but at least your lifestyle won’t suffer.

There is no point to buy a house/flat in central London, if you can’t even invite your friends to go out for a drink/movie, because your savings account is dry. Getting the right size rooms is also something to look at –  but do you actually need a study or home cinema with all the surround sound in a dedicated space?

Living in the 21st Century can seem difficult because technology is playing a huge role. It might be necessary to rethink what you need and opting for a more minimalistic approach could be just what you need to live comfortably.




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