Tower of #London and #TowerPoppies

The field of poppies currently on display at The Tower of London is temporary, but an incredible vision of what happened during World War I.

Of course, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited this art installation by Paul Cummins.

According to BBC News, by 12th November 2014 almost 4 million visitors will have been to The Tower of London to see this very and unique exhibition.

888,246 ceramic poppies have been  “planted“.

…each poppy representing a British military fatality during the war… Source

It will be possible to purchase these unique artworks for the amount of £25.00 each.

Ceramic poppy Tower of London - Paul Cummins

Ceramic poppy Tower of London – Paul Cummins

Tower of London - Ceramic Poppies

Tower of London – Ceramic Poppies

A great homage and tribute to soldiers and people who fought to defend other citizens.

Solid and resistant, ceramic can be used for various objects and products. In this particular case, Paul Cummins created this project knowing that all flowers would be outside for a while and consequently needed to stay intact whatever the weather.

To know more about ceramic visit this dedicated page HERE.

When you think that even some specific knives have blades made of ceramic or even discs brakes – as this material is resistant to high temperatures.

Ceramic disc brake - red hot

Ceramic disc brake – red hot

Coming back to this artwork by Paul Cummins, it is a rather fantastic thought and brilliant visual representation of the consequences of a war. The poppy is a real symbol directly linked to 11th November 1918 and  this installation is just perfect for Remembrance Day.

There are more and more people wearing a poppy on their collar or buttonhole. A natural gesture to think and remember of what took place and the importance of people involved in this sad event.

Poppy - Remembrance Day

Poppy – Remembrance Day

This  art exhibition has been more successful than expected. In order to allow even more visitors to see this, the London venue will extend the illumination of the site – according to Historic Royal Palaces.

…The lights will now be switched from 04:30. Currently the poppies are illuminated from 05:00 until dawn and from dusk until 23:00…

Who could have planned that little red flowers would interest so many people? Simplicity can still win in a World where technology is omnipresent.


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