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Will Burgh Island Hotel become greener

Burgh Island Hotel is a privately owned property/building/business, which is remarkably popular because used for several filming locations including Agatha Christie novel, the Hercule Poirot mystery “Evil Under the Sun“.

But it has made the headlines recently because of potential solar panels!

What is going on at Burgh Island Hotel.

Will the prestigious art déco retreat suffer of trying to become more environmental friendly and who is actually against such change?!

Burgh Island Hotel - Art Deco

Burgh Island Hotel – Art Deco

The current owners (Deborah Clark and Tony Orchard) are willing to go forward by respecting all legal procedures, but the previous one (Tony Porter) fears that it will be horrific for the venue which is visited by thousands of holidaymakers in this part of Devon.

According to the application to the local District Council; it is clear what is going to happen and nothing else will take place except adding 200 panels on former tennis court to produce greener energy – so how and why can such project be criticised?

Is there a fear/threat that this unique and beautiful landscape will be damaged? Or is it just a lack of understanding? Surely, no one wants to hurt the feeling of potential visitors which are in fact bringing business to the area and boosting the local economy.

…Four objections have been received so far by the council including one from Hubert Ashton of Folly Hill, which overlooks the island.

He said: “This would be a monstrous carbuncle on an old friend. It would be ruinous for the beauty of the island.”…” – Source

Can these solar panels actually ruin the island? Is it not a misunderstanding? Couldn’t this be in fact good for the environment? Aren’t people willing to protect the planet by reducing carbon emission?

The South West of England and Devon in particular are doing their bit to “keep Britain tidy”. Various schemes are already in place. For instance waste management and the possibility to hire a skip either for home or business use and the availability of containers as well. So why not having photovoltaics ( to help producing clean energy?

Burgh Island - solar panels project

Burgh Island – solar panels project

The current owners are aware that such project might be seen as a negative point for the beauty spot but everything has been thought through: dark grey non-reflective glass and not visible by guests staying at the hotel.


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