Never underestimate Dalston and East London

When visiting London, it is important to think “outside the box” and explore some districts you wouldn’t initially go to.

Shoreditch is usually categorized as hipsterville! But it is also bursting with creativity and unique flavours – in other words a huge panel of street food. It is not just about Brick Lane!

Market life is what makes East London a buzzing place to visit and taste.

Check Dalston Yard short video below – a real discovery for some.

Street food and pop-ups are getting bigger and more popular. A simple setup which can be a derelict (but safe) warehouse or just a car park and in a couple hours it can become a real village for foodies and other amateurs of exotic and world cuisine.

Are we done and dusted with Harrods or Selfridges food hall? Probably not. It just depends on the type of individuals. Same as fashion, bookshops and overall culture. There is something for everyone.

Street Food

Street Food


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