Le Mans 24 Hours – Cars and Motorbikes Race

Each year in France there is an almost mythical race: Le Mans 24 Hours race.

It all started in 1923.

There are two races: one in June for the cars and one in September for the motorbikes.

It is something particular, because in both cases it is not just about the speed but about the endurance and reliability of the engines.

Le Mans Circuit

Le Mans Circuit

This race was also the subject of a film with Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen - Le Mans

Steve McQueen – Le Mans

Check this interactive map HERE with all data about the race including speed and tyres consumption.

It is also arather prestigious event with a few celebrities being behind the wheel and exclusive sponsors too such as Hackett Clothing.

Attending to the race whether cars or bikes is a true lifetime experience, because there is the atmosphere, the smell of the engine and the noise of the powerful engines.

Imagine that it is a continuous race for 24 hours with incredibly gifted pilots, mechanics and strong teams where drivers are swapping seats rapidly in order to maintain their position around the clock.

Le Mans 24h Race - by night

Le Mans 24h Race – by night

Spectators are never disappointed whatever the weather…because there is a feeling of community within the crowd. It is a passion which is completely different from a Formula1 race.

This happens in Le Mans and only there.

Even if you are watching it on television,  it is hard to imagine the ongoing excitement from the ticket holders and some of them can even access the pitstops (these tickets are slightly more expensive).

Usually it is easy to spot individuals who have been there: they are wearing a t-shirt or cap about the event (distinctive logo) and their cars would have a promotional sticker either on the rear window or front windscreen. Taking back something from such place is always worth it, despite of the excessive price to pay. It is not everyday that you are going to the Sarthe region to follow a race lasting 24 hours.

In France, Le Mans 24 (Les 24 Heures du Mans) is certainly the equivalent of Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom. The place where real fans are gathering to share the same passion but within a safe environment.

The cars are just splendid and there is a true respect for these people who are offering such spectacle to an attentive audience.

If you have never been to Le Mans, make time for it – go there with a group of friends. Only a few hours drive from Roscoff, it would be a shame to miss it!


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