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Paper cups to reduce landfill by 25,000 tonnes

There are more and more take-away shops as well as pop-up businesses and this is becoming an increasing issue when it comes to recycling packaging.

A rather worrying landscape is the one after an open air concert or festival such as Glastonbury. The field is covered with litter including tents left behind and other unwanted items. The logistic and plan of action in place to clean the entire land is enormous.

Glastonbury litter field

…More than 2.5bn cups are thrown away in the UK every year… But few are recycled and nearly all end up in landfill, creating 25,000 tonnes of waste… Source

The eco-friendly product will work the same way as the already existing cardboard bottle used for milk and wine.

It is easy to take a disposable cup either in a coffee shop or in a waiting room for a hot or cold drink. All these choices are natural and too many people don’t measure the impact on the environment when they are throwing the empty container either on the pavement or in the nature.

Our planet needs to be (more) respected and not used as a huge wheelie bin.

Some areas of Britain such as the Jurassic Coast, Devonshire and Cornwall must control regularly and make sure that beaches are kept spotless from the plastic invasion. Tourism is an important factor for the survival of seasonal businesses such as hotels, pubs, restaurants and leisure centres. There is also the reputation of The English Riviera.

In other words, there are no excuses to leave a newspaper or partially empty pizza box on a bench when there are several recycling points within walking distance.

But is not just about food and drink; there is also what comes out of a house or office when some refurbishment works are carried out.

Business and residential skip hire are available from Exmouth to Barnstaple (North Devon) – thanks to  a company which will make sure that the Southwest of England  is kept green.

With the forthcoming revolutionary paper cup – which can be thrown in a conventional paper recycling bin – there will be no confusion about where to leave it. A straight forward action.

It is just that people need to be trained and educated to use a bin instead of the nature when it comes to dispose of it.

Recycling Paper Cups

Recycling Paper Cups

It is also about taking the right attitude and being less selfish. No one wants to have a front garden full of disregarded cellophane or empty boxes from a nearby fast-food eaterie.

Hopefully, this product will be rolled out nationally before the end of the 2014.

Green Your Cup - recyclable paper cup

Green Your Cup – recyclable paper cup

In the meantime, you can always continue using a personal reusable cup.

Personal reusable cup - KeepCup

Personal reusable cup – KeepCup


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