London: discover Fitzrovia

London is a great capital city with various areas to visit, discover and explore.

Tourists always mention Mayfair and Soho. Younger generations are about Shoreditch.

What about Fitzrovia?

A name which sounds more Eastern European…but it is absolutely part of London.

If you take the Tube to Tottenham Court Station and walk a few minutes north of Oxford Street, you will be in….Fitzrovia. It is that close and simple to access the quaint streets. Almost like a little village in the middle of a the capital.

Fitzrovia map

Fitzrovia map

What to expect, see, purchase?

It is a real cultural sector with a lot of independent businesses. It is not old fashioned or derelict like East London used to be.

There are printers, galleries, restaurants, framers, coffee shops…etc

To give people a better understanding of what is around there, Fitzrovia Journal does that job.

Fitzrovia Journal - Header banner

Fitzrovia Journal – Header banner

Fitzrovia Journal Issue 2

Fitzrovia Journal Issue 2

…Neatly tucked away between the wealth of Marylebone, the edgy energy of Soho and the grandeur of Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia is peaceful and attractive, home to small media organisations, small pubs and small restaurants and a smattering of decent hotels… Source

Fitzrovia journal is a free cultural magazine (without arrogance) available from all good retailers in that area. It is about the life & style (or lifestyle) of people making that area of London unique, friendly, warm and stress free.

Now you know it but keep it for yourself…


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