Steve McQueen’s classic car auctioned

Tempted to own Steve McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4? This could be the right occasion.

It is an auction… so prices might be high. According to some speculations it could hit £8 million, despite a normal cost of around £1.5 million.

steve mcqueen 1967 ferrari

steve mcqueen 1967 ferrari

The car has been restored because initially it was a coupe but become a convertible. The current owner – Vern Schuppan – decided to reverse the process.

A wonderful classic car which could feature at Goodwood Revival (see related article HERE).

But this car also belonged to an icon of the American cinema…”the king of cool” as some people called him.

steve mcqueen with suit and sunglasses

steve mcqueen with suit and sunglasses

When there is a “famous” name attached to a product, object or item, the auction is generally a success because it attracts way more potential buyers and collectors. There is a story behind the lot on sale.

Steve McQueen has always fascinated his public. He played different roles but always with a unique panache.

No one has been able to replace him as such. A lot of newcomers are stuck in one type of character. He was versatile –  a real chameleon with a charming allure.

If you are keen, the auction will take place in Monterey, (California) on 15th August 2014.

Such car sale never comes cheap. A strong budget is necessary to get a chance to take it home. Meanwhile, it is always exciting to attend an auction. Several things are happening at the same time. It is a show by itself. The auctioneer on the rostrum is playing an important part too.

Auctioneer rostrum

Auctioneer rostrum

In general, there are VIP bidders, gallerists, collectors and art dealers either in the room or on the phone in order to stay anonymous. It can seem strange that a buyer wants to remain secret, but it is seen as a huge investment – and why is it so important to know who got the last word (or bid)?!

What is certain: the 1967 Ferrari is looking good with a modern shape and design as well. We can always dream in front of this sports car.

In fact, it is probably better that it goes on sale, otherwise it could end up in an industrial unit or workshop and be forgotten for many years… it happened in the past. The damages can then be important and restoration can be costly, simply because most parts have to be handmade.

The alternative to the “real mccoy” is a kit car or if you prefer a replica. Looking the same but being a copy made with cheaper parts. It all depends what the potential owner can afford, of course.

To get more information about this unique event read full article from LA Times or visit RM Auctions’ site.

steve mcqueen and car

steve mcqueen and car


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