DDB Paris: Media agency offices in a café

DDB Paris: Media agency offices in a café.

DDB Paris Office in Café

DDB Paris Office in Café

Never heard of DDB? Here is a quick and short introduction.

But something new and different has occurred in the Paris office.

We all know that media agencies like to have cool, fresh and vibrant premises. Googleplex is certainly a prime example.

Googlepex office

Googlepex office

However, DDB Paris is almost going one step further and this is linked to the end of lease (Rue d’Amsterdam), which literally forced the agency to find a new location within the French Capital. Not that easy, especially with the tremendous price per square metre. A kind of challenge & assault course to get the best of both worlds.

Advertising/marketing agencies are under pressure. A decade ago, creatives had a month to bring something back to their client. Nowadays, this deadline is way shorter: a week and even a couple of days.

So, from now on the office is installed near the Gare St Lazare… Open space, high ceilings, shared desks/tables in order to convey new ideas rapidly within the team.

It is sure that computers (PCs or MACs) are still at the heart of this industry because everything digital needs such tools – as well as social media.

Sharing has become a new way of communication whether using Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram… – and internet has to be mobile too in order to be as competitive as possible.

But what makes DDB Paris a concept workplace is the fact that it is a café!

There is a counter, stools, peanuts machine  and newspapers – you can even smell fresh coffee. Clients of the French agency go from Volkswagen to Honda. It is essential to have that feeling of peace but also a certain buzz to produce efficient results. Getting the right office space in a capital city mustn’t be a Russian roulette but more of a thoroughly planned move as a bright future is vital. Commercial property management consultants can help to get towards the right direction and give support to find the perfect building.

DDB Paris

DDB Paris

Of course, there is also the usually lounge, rooftop terrace and other soccer table and kitchen to bring this extra comfort in the working environment – the “work hard, play hard” motto remains.

Hopefully, DDB Paris will be able to keep all clients happy as there is now no excuse – to read more visit this site HERE.

DDB Paris offices coffee shop

DDB Paris offices coffee shop


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