Old new cellphone from Nokia

In the past decades, mobile phone users wanted small devices. At that time, screens were monochrome and handsets had no cameras or couldn’t access WiFi hotspots.

Technology has (thankfully) improved. Nowadays the screen resolution is pin sharp, cameras are taking quality images – usually shared on Facebook, Instagram or Jelly.

Surfing the net is common practice while waiting for bus, train or just as a past time.

Almost each week there is an announcement about “the latest fastest thinnest smartphone”. It becomes a kind of headache to get something truly high-tech and innovative. This situation is similar when it comes to compact cameras (aka point-and-shoot). New models are obsolete as soon as they hit the market.

But Nokia seems to play it backwards in a “less is more” fashion. Bringing the vintage style back.

When the Nokia 3310 was released it was something essentially new and outstanding. The battery life was also considerably longer – no need to rush to a socket to recharge it at the end of a busy day. It lasted for ever, even for heavy users and gamers addicted to the legendary Snake Game. It was even called the indestructible Nokia 3310.

My Nokia has survived infographic - indestructible

My Nokia has survived infographic – indestructible

Nokia 3310 by Lekki

Nokia 3310 by Lekki

Then smartphones started to be available, there was almost a revolution in the digital sector: a phone able to send/receive emails, connect to the Web, take photos and have access to so many Apps.

Mobile phone evolution infographic

Mobile phone evolution infographic

iPhone was without a doubt the winner of all. The item that you wanted to have, because it gave this feeling of online freedom and a certain image of being trendy, cool and aware of the unlimited possibility with regular upgrades/update as well.

However, like most things “what comes around goes around“.

But who will go for the Nokia 3310? Is there a real way back to clunky looks from touchscreen phones/tablets? Imagine a creative joining a meeting and getting a call/text in front of other colleagues/clients… would it not look slightly “out of sync“!? However, is it that important to have a fashionable cellphone? What counts is after all to be able to be reached wherever you are.

As an example, it is not because you wear a suit that you will work better – the projected image will give a certain feeling but once again the important point is about the end result. Never judge a book by its cover… we all know this by now.

Finally, will this comeback be a hit or a miss within the world of communication?


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