The Google Glass Collection (Oakley and Ray-Ban)

A lot of  technically orientated creatives are almost monitoring what is happening in the world of the Google Glass development.

it has emerged that no one is actually happy with the way the product looks. Nowadays, the image/visual is everything…it has to be perceived and must feel fashionable.

Consequently, Oakley and Ray-Ban will go back to the drawing board with a team of experts to give life to a product with high-fashion, lifestyle and innovative technology.

Google eyewear is able to “record video, access email, and retrieve information from the web by connecting wirelessly to a user’s mobile phone” (Source The Guardian).

Google Glass partnership with Oakley and Ray-Ban

Could this mean that in the near future we could see web and graphic design studios working on their Mac for the daily tasks but accessing all other information/data on an hourly basis via personal Google Glass?

Remember all these sci-fi series during your childhood… mobile phones are now part of our lives. Google Glass certainly not that far to be join all other gadgets that people want (but not always need). Touchscreen technology including smartphones and tablets have changed our behaviours and the way we work communicate and shop.

Everything can be found on the net instantly.

Who is still using a phonebook, a recipe glossary or a dictionary? All is now digital and has to be fast, crisp and shareable too.

We are connected wirelessly – thanks to all the WiFi hotspots and if there is no signal people get frustrated and in a “panic mode”.

The importance of having news at our fingertips is vital for a lot of businesses around the world, including journalists and photographers who can send immediately a new and unique documentary/interview/image to make the headlines. And all this usually appears on social media even before the newspaper/magazine is officially online.

The internet is a real tool for so many employees and workers. Where would we be and what would we do without it?

But like too many things,  a lot of users are abusing it and almost becoming addicted to checking emails or taking photos (not mentioning the “selfie” craze).

There is also the excess of usage and disrespect of some important rules when it comes to the use of a phone when driving. What will be the impact and consequences once the ultimate Google Glass will be available to everyone (whether it looks good or not).

Read more details in full article HERE.

Click on infographic for larger version

Google glass infographic




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