Architects + artists = Archists

New words are emerging regularly. Usually the contraction of multiple expressions combined.

This one is rather peculiar: archists.

Archists City by federico babina

After all, it makes sense.

In general, people want and like such things as it creates a buzz.

Illustrator and architect Federico Babina is paying homage to references in the world of art. This is not his first try in this domain.

Federico Babina Works - illustrations

All these can become individual posters. Looking original/unique because there is a style. Something beautifully minimal about it.

Archist - Miro by federico babina

Babina is without a doubt a talented artist and could almost be part of a graphic design collective blending two types of cultures.

The other fact is that people like constantly new visual stimulation. They are getting bored of everything rapidly. Or is the general public actually very superficial about what is on show?

For instance, the freebie factor will drive people, even if it is worth a few pennies… but it is free and that’s what counts! Whether it is a sticker, keyring or deluxe Scrabble fridge magnet, it doesn’t matter. They will be able to tell their friends that such or such products was offered/given to them. A kind of  victory.

Advertising fridge magnets in the UK have been and still are very popular, certainly because there is a use of it and some are even collecting them, especially when there is a limited edition for a specific event such as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as an example. Memorabilia always works.

But when the product is numbered it is even better. There is this VIP feel: “only a few people will have it” and it relates directly to real artworks.

Having a numbered poster in the lounge/bedroom gives a certain cachet (or mark of prestige) – similar to wine connoisseurs who own expensive bottles in their cellars. It is about being part of a group, appreciating the uniqueness of a product.

When visiting or just walking through London, the architecture is varied: mixing traditional with extremely modern/contemporary. The Shard and The Gherkin are prime examples. The Capital cityscape is eye-catching despite all the cranes marking the horizon.

London from Tate Modern by LookinaRt on Flickr

The works produced by Federico Babina is inspiring and “Archists” is totally mind blowing because not damaging the original artists and bringing something extra about various architectural styles.

It could almost be part of an art retrospective, without forgetting the beauty of minimal design. The balance is brilliantly done; not too heavy for the spectators but nevertheless full of details.

Simplicity and aesthetic win for this type of illustration: a real chef-d’oeuvre which would fit in most households.


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