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Finding the inspiration

Most jobs are now related to “something online“. There have been new vacancies because social media has taken a valuable place in our lives.

Let’s take a first example concerning logo design.

In the past, the person commissioned to deliver a new logo, whether for a new or existing company who wants to have their image re-branded, started work on a piece of paper. Most of the great ideas appeared on a sketch book.

Nowadays, everything happens on a screen: from a large iMac to a small tablet or smartphone. In fact, mobile browsing is one the rise – not a real surprise, is it? All these devices have the possibility to give great results. But, putting onto paper your initial ideas is certainly the most important. Similar attitude with musicians and singer song writers. The so-called old fashioned way still works.

Logotypes CollectionOnce the actual design is satisfactory enough, it can be scanned and eventually be retouched.

Ten years ago (2004), it is was something special to have a home computer with an internet connection but mainly to have a website – whatever the size and content.

The second example concerns online presence.

Nowadays, everyone is connected. This can take the shape of a photography platform such as 500px or Flickr. Some prefer to clip already existing images on Pinterest. Others will go further and have a custom made website (not a basic template) which can involve important expenses, depending on the requirements.

Once all completed it is rather exciting to see the finished product and being able to access it from almost anywhere. To see something fruitful and getting that traffic, an expert can be required; as this has nothing to do with website design.

Finding the inspiration is essential because clients always want something new, fresh, unique and different but not too cryptic. It has to be seen, remembered and politically correct too.

A lot of boxes to tick for all good reasons.

Digital visits are also tracked – a bit like the geolocation when tweeting or checking your GPS/SatNav on your smartphone.

“…You can ask Google what do they have on you and they do actually provide a pretty comprehensive answer…” Source

It really shows that web users are doing various and almost random searches from a new pair of shoes a minute to some trousers the next one. As if our minds don’t want to focus on one subject but on many at the same time, because there is so much to discover at our fingertips either from our comfortable sofa or during our office lunch break. A constant quest of getting new information or visual stimulation.

The 21st century is without a doubt the era of digital awakening and website design has a major role for all businesses.

This quote published by Wired says it all:

“…At the close of 1998, there were 23 known weblogs on the Internet. A year later there were tens of thousands. What changed?…”

Bloggers evolution

It is also about linking our lives with some celebrities. Interacting via Instagram and using all the relevant hashtags.

Being famous for 15 minutes (to quote Andy Warhol) because “retweeted” or “reblogged” by someone with a name and a worldwide exposure keeps this all-day everyday buzz going.

Everyone is also a photographer (or at least believes so) as some MP3 players and most phones do have a camera giving that extra option to share some snaps on social network.

Should we actually worry about such technology making us almost addicted to those touchscreens and forgetting to communicate directly with our (real) close friends and families?


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