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London cyclists and the indispensable accessories

When living in London, everyone is concerned when it comes to travel. Either to go to work or just shopping.

Since Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome results during the Tour de France, cycling has reached a new level. It is no more about just riding a bicycle but it has created communities and a culture too.

There is also this association bicycle and coffee. Cyclists seem to like a good espresso and a caffeine hit, certainly to give them a boost when feeling tired during a randonnée.


Coffee Ride

East London – Shoreditch and Dalston – has seen the hipster movement with fixed gear bikes. This types of two wheels came from couriers/messengers who found the right means of transport and a simplicity concerning the maintenance of their ride.

hipster on fixed gear

London landscape being overall flat, fixies are ideal to go through the City at a fast pace and without the actual traffic restrictions: able to take shortcuts and to slalom (safely) between vehicles – queueing is then a thing from the past.

But getting on a cycle in a Capital is also about being ready and aware of what is happening around you. It is important to be seen at night too.

cycling bright at night

Danger is everywhere, it is therefore essential to be focussed. Being aware of what is going on from noises to hidden streets and corners is a must. A split second of distraction and your future could be changed forever. Not having a metal protection – like a car – a tiny shock could have irreversible consequences.

But there are a lot of good points about riding a bike:

  • freedom
  • fun
  • event
  • healthy
  • social community
  • talking point.

Most cyclists/riders have more than just one bicycle: one to go to work and one for the weekend. Or it could be a mountain bike for some off-road adventures and a fixed gear/single speed for some urban fun.

There is another point to consider when getting the “dream machine“: tools and accessories or “bits” are some call them.

Of course, helmet and high-visibility clothes are recommended but the little tool kit to fix punctures or a multi tool to allow adjustment of wheels, saddle or handlebars will ease and not spoil that sunny day out.

cycling tools and accessoriesInfographic Source

It is not about spending a fortune on accessories but what is actually needed to complete the check list.

Sometimes it seems that a full wardrobe is mandatory…in fact, it is not true. Cycling is not a fashion show even if, some individuals like to be seen with the latest trendy garment. This is then up to your budget.

Safety and well-being are priorities when on the move on a bicycle.

Paper Helmet by KraniumDesign


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