Craft furniture by Caxton

There are various trends in fashion and in furniture too.

In the 60s and 70s, most families had tables and cupboards covered with Formica. After a while, people started to get bored about it, but it was practical to keep clean, durable and affordable too.

Formica furniture

As the saying goes “what goes around comes around“,  households decided to go for something slightly more rustic and with a warmer feeling. Originally you could have purchased flat pack tables, chairs or even wardrobes and it would take evenings or weekends to assemble.

Some businesses, started then to manufacture what the client was after. Tailor made or bespoke design…call it as you desire.

Furniture style infographic

For instance, you could have an accommodation in the City but with a vintage finish. Wood is always a winner and it can be surprising to see a rather urban and raw landscape, but behind the windows it is full of textures and warmth. The interior has to be cosy and comfortable. Having a cold, minimal and too sterile living room/lounge won’t bring friends and family because it might look like a clinical shop window or catalogue…in other words not welcoming.

Caxton furniture seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Caxton Furniture quality work

When it comes to buy a chair or a desk unit, everyone wants something solid. Of course, there is a price to pay but…quality is not cheap. However, it will last and in the long term savings will be considerable. The wood will age beautifully and the overall look will be eye-catching.

The other advantage of furniture made of wood; it is always possible to varnish it or coat it with some paint, to give a personalised touch as well.

There are also experts in furniture restoration: so in case there is a scratch or repair needed, it will always be possible to get a complete service and give your favourite display cabinet the right care.

It is certain that, some people might prefer glass tables or brushed aluminium cabinets. It will look timeless and industrial, but will it fit and look apart with the rest of their house/flat and lifestyle?


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