Happy New Year 2014

The 31st December 2013 is behind us. Has it is be a good year…will 2014 be better or worse? No one can tell. The main topic is to celebrate the change, hoping to be successful and healthy for the months to come.

It is always surprising how many people are going out along the Thames for midnight and celebrate the New Year and wait for hours for the traditional fireworks display.

Dubai has been hitting the headlines for something hugely spectacular (

…Dubai rings in 2014 with 500,000 fireworks in what is thought to be the largest fireworks show ever… Source

London had a good visual show too…and we all know that “less is more“…quality over quantity always wins.

London Fireworks 2013 to 2014

London New Year Eve Fireworks

Fireworks are visually great, of course. From a distance they look like a million of Bookman lights set. But is it actually good for the environment, did my neighbour ask during our New Year’s Eve drink?!

Have you noticed the smoke and the smell afterwards…rather heavy fumes and odd/uncomfortable for the throat: carbon monoxide is invading the air. Remember the tragedy on the M5?

It is not that We mustn’t celebrate the new year or 5th November with something colourful in the sky. However, it is vital for our planet as well, to think what is used which could damage the nature and our health too.

Wherever you go at that time of the year, people celebrate the new year the same way. So, imagine the pollution and the amount of sulphur released at the same time in the atmosphere… not very thoughtful!

Maybe something to think about in about 12 months time.

For the moment, January 2014 culture calendar is rather impressive have a look by yourself HERE.

But one exhibition recommendation would be the Isabella Blow retrospective at Somerset House.

Isabella Blow Hats at Somerset House London


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