With @NTSLive don’t assume

About 10 years ago most of us would have had a high-tech stereo with turntable, cassette tape and tuner.

Nowadays, the big components and speakers have almost gone and internet is the way to communicate and interact but also to listen to music.

stereo components

Some individuals prefer to buy a little internet radio which works directly with their Wi-Fi network. This means that they have a choice of a vast number of  radio stations. Others just use iPlayer App.

However, it is generally better just to check what is on the “airwave” in your neighbourhood – and the great advantage of internet radio: you can take it with you everywhere.

NTS brings to its listeners just what they need/want by just browsing on their laptop/desktop/smartphone or even on a tablet. There is even an online t-shirt store to get something to wear and advertise as well, the Dalston based radio. The schedule is complete and the kind of music will please most listeners. There are CDs but also traditional vinyls.

NTS Studio

To discover and learn even more about the streaming music channel and its presenters/DJs check the Vimeo dedicated site HERE.

There is always something to tune into.

It is always interesting to see how some online stations are making THAT difference. It all starts as a test and then for some (good) reasons listeners just increase and follow the wave. @NTSLive is increasing and getting bigger on the social media presence, which is always a good sign. The chat room on their site makes a real change too as people can just login and request/interact with the studio,  in order to ask for the title track  just played  or ask a specific question to a studio guest.

It seems that the entire radio from the foundation to its members are blending into one strong group which makes the experience even better. A kind of investment or dedication to achieve great live results and some shows are even playing at exclusive venues too. Forget the 1980s industrial workshops/units illegal raves.

NTS Radio has successfully understood how to provide great services to get a following crowd with regular events in and around the Capital. Afterall a radio is a business like others but it is a live situation where there is no room for uncertainty.


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