Central London Stay

Visiting London is always enjoyable, because there are so many attractions, shops and art galleries.

Whether you travel by car, train or bus to the capital the main question will be about finding an adequate accommodation: clean, central, with eventual free Wi-Fi and a good breakfast to start the day before hitting the public transports.

There are a lot of small B&B and Guest Houses, with quaint interiors and almost tailored services.

Of course, hotels are everywhere. From very cheap to rather pricey, London bedrooms can reach incredible prices according to the location and reputation.

It all depends what you are after.

Some tourists/visitors like full comfort with large rooms and bathrooms, including flat screen televisions. But are you going to London to stay in your room…certainly not!? Why does it matter whether there is a view or not, as long as you can rest, shower and enjoy the overall stay?!

It is also about having quick access to a nearby Tube station, giving you a rapid connection to various sectors of the city.

The Strand Palace Hotel is located on the Strand. A few yards from Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, Somerset House and Charing Cross Underground. It recently went through major refurbishment for all bedrooms and even the facade had some work done in order to look more attractive. A very good initiative from the property management team.

Charing Cross London Tube

A few friends of mine stayed there and their feedback have always been positive. First of all there is a porter at the door helping out residents with their luggage and calling taxis. The reception area has a lounge to relax and wait for friends.

Regarding the single and/or double bedrooms, all are passing the test. A few people have complained about the place being over heated. But all radiators have a thermostat, so turning it down is not an issue.

The breakfast buffet is a real pleasure when entering the restaurant. Of course, it is a busy place but there is enough food for everyone. It is a friendly place to stay for a long weekend or why not go there for a special afternoon tea as the restaurant/bar/lounge is open to the public as well. This might give you an overview of the place.

Strand Palace Hotel London

It is sure, there are better places to stay…The Savoy is actually just opposite but “slightly” more expensive.

By getting your bookings in early enough as well as subscribing to the e-newsletter you will receive special offers and information all year long, allowing you to get good deals too.

London stays can be expensive, so why not choose an affordable place to stay then spend more cash for souvenirs and treat yourself with something unforgettable, such as lunch at Sketch in Mayfair?!


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