Smartphone’s attitude

Whether you go to a live event such as a concert or even a film, the brightness of a mobile phone can just destroy the entire experience.

The BBC has reported that it is seen as unacceptable to use a smartphone at the theatre.

…Theatre UK report said theatregoers aged 25-34 were most guilty of checking their phones during a play… Source

Technology lives with us everywhere. And this is maybe where a rule needs to be sorted and the problem addressed to avoid constant anxiety…in case someone brings the device out of a bag/pocket.

Who hasn’t faced that annoying situation? But being during a live performance, no one wants to say a word too loud and disturb the rest of the audience.

It is almost as if people cut themselves off from those around them – just thinking about a potential message they might have missed or a “funny” image on social media. Surely at night, loads of things are happening online and it is not possible to follow everything…this is how the stream progresses.

But some are saying that individuals should be walked out of any public performance if they use their phone. Not a bad idea! But would this create more chaos?

Even a sign at the entrance doesn’t change a thing as mobile users just believe that a lot of people will keep it on and control nervously emails or online status.

The ultimate solution would be to make theatres and cinemas unable to receive mobile phone reception/signal by implementing a kind of shield to stop all usage. Of course, a financial cost would be involved for the venue…

Surely, not being connected for a couple of hours can only be a positive method to relax and avoid all “beeps” and other ringtones.



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