Dewerstone clothing design

Not everything happens in London. Dartmoor…the place is pure and beautiful. If you haven’t be there…just go for a weekend of fun.

Things are happening in the Southwest of England…more than what you think.

In the music industry: Coldplay and Muse emerged from that wonderful County of Devonshire.

In the BMX club: Kye Forte has invested and set up DECOY.

And now it is all about clothing design with Dewerstone. A recent business located there in Dartmoor is putting things together to supply quality handmade clothings.

dewerstone banner clothing

 …this group of friends decided to celebrate their adventurous spirit by launching a Dartmoor-based company…Source

dewerstone handmade on dartmoor clothes

You can join the social media wagon and follow the company for regular information/offers:

A great way of working too – video below.

And what about the actual clothes? It is all on their online store HERE.

Supporting new independent businesses is win-win situation because every little helps (for the maker and the buyer) and it is not because there is a huge property management company running the show that it is better – quality can’t be obtained by producing rapidly huge quantities and especially when the brand is paying the staff next to nothing (no need to drop names…).

Due to recession – and still ongoing economic struggle – people have started to look at everything they spend. Paying for durable items is factor #1. When you are aware that a person – or a team – is putting everything together for your own order, it is very comforting…because there is real care behind the manufacturing process.

The design and typography is very minimalistic but effective at the same time.

World of grey t-shirt by Dewerstone


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