Urban chic

When we mention London to people from the Continent, usually the reply involves the question “but does it always rain there?“.

There is this myth about England…fog, mist and rain. Individuals who have never visited the UK believe that overcast weather is present for most of the year. Of course, Great Britain is an island…and there can be foggy conditions and the odd drizzle. However, it is not that bad. It is a bit like if we said that, Florida is constantly threatened by hurricanes… It happens but it is not a permanent condition.

In London and around Britain, rain comes and goes. The past year (2012) saw major downpours with heavy floodings. But this was exceptional.

British citizens usually like to own Wellington boots and umbrellas…it is part of the wardrobe some will say.

Wellies Hunter

Some like to invest in a good Barbour jacket, Hunter boots to discover and explore the British countryside…whatever the weather. The umbrella also comes into the equation.

Barbour Jackets and Wellington Boots

Of course, in the City you can see a few bowler hats and umbrellas…but this is becoming rare as well…a kind of image of the English gentleman.

Nowadays, it is common to have a dedicated umbrella or even a few to match suits, bags or even shoes. It has become a fashion accessory as well…to finish and give that extra touch to your urban look.

The crème de la crème which is also associated to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is the Fulton umbrella range.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Fulton umbrella

The Queen is also a fan of it…

Since 1956 – year when it was founded – Fulton has become the largest supplier of  rainwear accessories in the UK to date.

The quality is there, as all products are hand-finished to guarantee perfection and to continue to lead the industry.

A lot of people don’t like to invest in such item, because it is dedicated to rain but what an indispensable product especially between November and February. And you get to share it with your partner too. It can be very romantic and personal when waiting for a taxi, bus or train.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Film Poster

With Christmas at the horizon this could be a different but individual present. There is more than just one style. You can choose between “folding” and “walking”  and designers involved are Orla Kiely and Cath Kidston to name just a few.

Finally, we are not hoping for a wet Autumn or Winter, but even if dry and crispy, such accessory is never redundant where ever you go…there is a certain sense of style and chic about it.


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