Getting the right office space

When we think “business“, we just see the activity but not essentially the physical place.

Usually – this happened to myself – business ideas are coming up when meeting with friends and being on a social gathering.

At the beginning of the evening, it is the common subjects of work, films and eventual restaurant/meal suggestions.

Suddenly, someone starts to talk about a “fresh idea” and the eventual way forward to run a small business.

A lot of people dream to become an entrepreneur and work for themselves. It is important to have THAT special drive to reach the fixed target and make it happen, rather than just keeping the project…as a project on paper.

What can stop potential new companies is the paperwork to set everything up. However, it is not that difficult. It is all about communication and interaction with professionals and experts.

Getting registered with HMRC takes only a few minutes as the dedicated from is online and all future correspondence will be done by email – and if you had to change address, all this can be done by just logging in. The joy of technology and digital devices are really helping our daily lives, as long as such tools aren’t misused.

Becoming your own boss has several aspects: first of all, it is essential  to shift your focus to the work that matters.

The tension and stress (adrenaline) can be high – it is also about excitement to work for yourself. Nights can be sleepless until you get that office space you have always dreamed of. Commercial property management services will provide a real asset to help, advice and find what you need for your professional activity.

Commercial Property Management Services Infographic

Once all is settled with the property consultant, it is time to get desks, chairs and eventual sofa for the “play area” as some agencies call it. A place dedicated to relaxation and rest: books, magazines or even a game console & table football can be found. But this is up to the office manager to decide whether such investments are adequate. Of course, it doesn’t need to be 100 percent corporate but it shouldn’t look like a playground too.

What counts immensely, is the setting of your desk. How is the ergonomics? Are you sitting comfortably during these 7 to 8 hours?

Aeron chair

Starting your day in the correct order is something which can sound surprising, but some individuals need a kind of assistant to schedule their daily tasks or find a meeting date rapidly.

There is an ongoing expression we keep hearing: “I am really busy“. Is it a good or bad thing? Who is not busy?

But such situation has to be managed correctly, because it can be perceived as “I have no time for your” or “I am really important“. Work smart and not just hard is the attitude to adopt, and everyone will get on. To read more about this topic see this article “Please stop complaining about how busy you are“.

Finally, some self-employed people, such as artists, have their studios located in the attic and/or cellar or even a nearby barn.  This alternative is cost effective but not applicable to everyone.


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