Origin Coffee & the brew house

Taking the road to go to Cornwall is always a pleasure because, you can think of so many different activities from visiting quaint villages, boutiques, art galleries, to surfing and the eventual Cornish pasty, of course.

But, in this particular road trip it was about…coffee. In Cornwall indeed, is Origin Coffee Roasters.

To be more accurate the welcoming space is located in Helston.

There is also a few miles away The Brew House – tucked in Porthleven just a few steps away from the harbour, the view is just stunning.

First of all the roastery is dedicated to produce the best roasted coffee, mainly arabica. Everything is sourced directly from the farms in South America.

…We visit the farms we buy from and then spend a long time roasting small coffee samples…

In general, coffee drinkers think mainly about the barista but not enough about the importance of the coffee roasters.

The way the coffee bean is harvested, dried then handled is incredible. Only the perfectly formed beans will make it as the selection is strict from the taste to the shape, everything is observed, checked and analysed.

Origin Coffee Roasters - coffee beans

Origin Coffee Roasters – coffee beans | photo by

There is no room for mistake especially when you are an independent roaster, because the taste in your cup will reflect how good or bad the actual coffee and roast are!

Origin Coffee Roasters - coffee beans

Origin Coffee Roasters – coffee beans | photo by

Tasting Origin Coffee Roasters coffee is possible. This can be done by visiting and enjoying the great setting of The Brew House.

The Brew House in Porthleven

The Brew House in Porthleven | photo by

When talking with various people there is always the topic of latte art coming back. It is the final touch which can be considered as a personal signature from the barista to the client.

There are even some “coffeecianados”  debating whether there is a way to serve coffee in order to give this “je ne sais quoi“.

And of course, coffee can be brewed by using different methods to give a stronger or lighter taste as well.

Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee Brewing Methods

At the end, what counts is the quality which will give taste, flavour & aroma to the shot of coffee extracted to then produce a cappuccino, latte or flat white.

Origin Coffee Roasters - Ground Coffee

Origin Coffee Roasters – Ground Coffee | photo by

Thank you to Devon Coffee – for the trip down to Cornwall, Origin Coffee Roasters – for their time and warm welcome, WhiteAndCream – for the photos.


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